Agility Collie & Sheltie Cup, Cocker Cup

The competition is for:

Shelties, collies rough and collies smooth with pedigree certificate including veterans of these breeds may participate in the competition.


Eva Svobodová  (CZ)



Brno, Jedovnická 7a  - Hala kynologů, 

GPS 49.2157831, 16.6772281





Foreign participants

First dog  
23  €

Other dogs 
20 €




Advance payment on account 2600371883/2010 (FioBanka)  
Account owner: Klub chovatelu Collii a Sheltii

IBAN: CZ72 2010 0000 0026 0037 1883

Variable symbol: registration number

Specific symbol: 1711.

Message to write your surname.


9.11. 2017



·       Jumping I (individual, teams)

·       Agility I (individual)
-       Game - The stars of the past (veterans), The stars of the future(beginners)

·       Jumping II (special) (individual)

                    Agility II – FINAL



Runs are included into total Jumping I, Agility I, Jumping II in breed (size category). Scoring for ranking in the run.



Jumping I - max. 3 dogs in the team (one size category). Please write here




Game among all collies and shelties will be announced regardless of size category. Runs are included into total: Jumping I, Agility I, Jumping II. The best team will be the one with the least number of penalties in total of these tthree runs


Agility II - FINALE

- Qualification of Jumping I, Agility I, Jumping II

- Qualification for the winner of the sum of the breed

- The winner earns the title finale Absolute winner + Challenge trophy (bets sheltie small, best sheltie medium, best collie, best cocker in FINALE)

General conditions of participation:

All dogs which wnat to participate in the competition must be clinically healthy. Dogs from member countries of the EU and other countries must meet conditions 

decalred by the European parliament and Counsel 899/2003 since 26.5.2003.

Dogs must have immunity against rabies due to rules (veterinary rules).